My passion for persians began with the arrival in my life of a little blue and white girl, called India,
and then I wished to find her a companion… I discovered the exotic shorthair a bit later
and I fell in love with its teddy bear look associated to a lovely character.

Breeding of exotics and persians is now a hobby and I specialize in tabby and tabby bicolour.
Looking for the « ideal » type, I hope to reach it by working with well known bloodlines like Ydem,
No Comment, Boberan, Vannjtys...

Lovely character and health are as important as type. My breeders have been tested
negative for PKD. Kittens have a LOOF pedigree and will have a CFA registration.
They are raised with love and leave home only after 3 months of age. Alls my cats live free
in a large appartment and have access to a sunny terrace.

Enjoy your visit on my website, where you can see my current breeders and former cats
which are now living a quite life in another family.

Marie-Christine Michel
69006 Lyon
Tél : +33 (0)6 16 18 86 84
SIREN 443 508 072.